Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blog Launch

What should a flower shop strive to be? We think it is being passionate about the unique role flowers play in our lives. Flowers say so much about love and beauty that they are the perfect expression for the biggest moments in our life.

Someone told me recently that they could tell that I loved them very much because the flowers I gave them lasted for a really long time. Of course I could say that they lasted a long time because I only give the freshest flowers but there is truth in that statement.

Flowers do say something about how we feel and we want everyone to feel special and loved with every stem that leaves our shop.

We hope that this blog will share some of the unique experiences going on within our shop.

Here's to making your next occasion special and full of love!

White Dahlia

Everyone at Dahlia's Flowers
Dahlia's Flowers


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